Goals — Track them. Crush them.

We’re all doing this for a reason, right? Everyone has unique motivation spanning from wanting to look good naked in a mirror to wanting a longer life for grand children. Some of us crave the energy of the workout and others do it simply because they enjoy certain food and want to eat freely. Any way you look at it there is motivation hidden somewhere and in that motivation lies a desire to know the effort isn’t wasted. 

This is where the motivational crap ends and we stop talking about why we do it or why you should be doing it if you aren’t already and we start talking about HOW we do it. 

Step one is just deciding on a method. I’m a hard copy guy and I think a lot of us operate that way no matter how much we like our smart phones. Grab a composite notebook and start making notes every day before, during, or after a training session. Write down everything you did. What you lifted, how much you lifted, how fast you did certain things, how much rest was in between sets, and on top of all that what you ate all day. Yes, food is important too. 

Now is right about where people start complaining that they can’t carry a notebook around with them all day. There are tons of good apps out there for you smart phone freaks. In the gym we tell our peeps to buy MyWOD (it’s like $3 one time). You can add a blog feed so it shows up in the “common” tab so you don’t have to enter the workout every day and you can add your food specs to the notes section of each days workout. It’s too simple not to use. At some point we’ll put a screen shot tutorial on our mainsite to make the process even more straight forward. I’ve gone from being a hard copy, spreadsheet guy to being a nerd about Google Sheets. If you aren’t using the Google Drive start now. It lets me edit things from both my computer and my phone and it lets me see lots of information at once. Get on board with something. 

If we want to have the luxury of judging if a program works or not we need data. The kicker about wanting to analyze information in some way is that you need the actual information. Don’t get behind. Don’t tell yourself you’ll right it down later. Just do it. Figure it out. 

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