Share What You Know

The world is anxious and thirsty for your thoughts, ideas, and talents to be shared with those blinded. We can’t be all-knowing. There remains the simple fact that without subject matter experts and non-experts alike we are not privy to much the world has to offer. I wouldn’t suggest them to be secrets; there’s simply just too much to learn.

I’m no expert on much of anything. My crafts are many and I find it tough to prioritize one over the others. I know for a fact I’m far from a skilled writer, but I have ideas and thoughts I believe to be worth putting down on paper for others to marvel, scoff, critique, and savor. In our day of keyboard critics that choose to stand behind what they type, and those that don’t, we find ourselves making the choice to be vulnerable; or not. Make yourself transparent at the risk of being mocked, ridiculed, or scorned. 

The benefit is education. Why hold in things that could provide value and encouragement to others? On the other hand, why hide things that people could learn from because they have a different value and could discourage things that very-well may need discouraging. 

Generally we learn from an early age if someone has an uncertainty about a topic you can bet another has the same uncertainty. Don’t hide for fear of ridicule. Rather shine to take a step forward. Do things your own way and find out what you can learn from it. There’s bound to be something. 

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