Premium over Volume

“A volume business is not a premium one.” – this article has nothing to do with fitness, but everything to do with philosophy and how you want to position anything you do (not just a business) in the eyes of who it effects, who is looking at it, and who is reacting to it. Take the word business out of the quote, insert almost anything, and you get a similar meaning.

I say it constantly, more isn’t always better, better is always better. With a focus on volume we take a buckshot approach. Just spray the pellets and hope something hits. If we have a wider spread we’re more likely to hit. Now think about it this way. How may times did Jordan hit a game-winning shot in a huge game? More than a few. Now, at the end of that game before the shot, what was Jordan looking for? Literally put — a win. He needed the shot to get it. In that instance lies a perfect example of more isn’t always better. He didn’t have multiple opportunities to take the shot; mere seconds. He had one chance to take the best shot possible. He didn’t need a shot, he needed the best shot, rather, a volume of shots is not a premium shot. 

In short, look for the premium, not those of volume. 

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