Get Your Fill

Empty your mind. Listen. Be. Let it all fill you.

Ignore the yogi, hippie nonsense suggested by those words and take it for what it is. We have a bad habit today of constantly filling ourselves with unfulfilling things. Schedules, meetings, events for the sake of appearances, i.e. generally missing out on the real tangible goods. What about the smile from your children, the touch of your significant other, the smell of trees you don’t get in the city or in a car. 

I grew up one of five kids. We didn’t have the money to take fancy trips to Florida to go see Disney World. I think we were glad we didn’t too. We took camping trips every summer. Outside was our vacation. I can remember what I swear to be hundreds of times around a campfire and swimming in lakes with my brothers where we didn’t have the distractions of the world. It has taken until now to really value those times. 

When you have the time . . . better yet, make the time to create those experiences. Smelling the trees and being on the grass and dirt might just be what you’ve needed all along. Do something to get your fill. 

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