Rising tides lifts all boats.

Think about the way we perceive ourselves and those around us. So often it is “Us vs. Them”. This is a fine mantra to live by until it becomes less about improvement in totality and more about making the competition worse. Your improvement most likely is dependent on others’ improvement, but I would not agree with the inverse. Do not require someone else to fail for yourself to succeed. This is surely a race to nowhere and will end in disappointment.

From the perspective of our world, the success of CrossFit and it’s affiliates as a whole is greater than one’s success for anothers’ failure. Yourself and your competition will mutually benefit from one or the other improving or having victory over the other. It doesn’t quite matter who gets better, or when, it solely matters that someone is getting better. 

From an athlete’s perspective — you can beat your opponent without them losing, per-say. The end game of becoming better does not begin nor does it end with anything or anyone outside of yourself. You cannot rely on someone or something else’s failure to lift yourself. In fact, the opponent’s success will most likely bring success back to you in the end. 

A tide inevitably succeeds in lifting. It is simply a matter of who sinks or drowns and who is strong enough to withstand the current and rise accordingly. 

Start with value and the rest will make itself visible to you. Provide as much greatness and value for your family as possible. Rising tides will lift all boats. Keep the faith and stay the course. 

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