We will not recruit you

Do not recruit.

If you want to call us a cult, thats fine, but I’d say were a pretty good cult to be a part of. Better fitness, better life, better friends and family, better you? Quite an easy decision to fall in love with if you ask me. 

Cults do a few things really well. 

They hide. They’re afraid to let just anyone in. They are selective and protect their family at all costs. In this respect I’d say cults can be close-minded. Most CrossFit affiliates are similar. They have to be a bit selective to protect the vibe of the community. If you encounter a new athlete with a bad attitude that seems unwavering in their habits and interactions showing an unwillingness to change for the better, that individual might not be a good candidate to join your community. On the other hand, our doors are open, we’re not at all hiding, and anyone can come play. The criteria that determines your allowance to remain with the community depends on your attitude, willingness to work hard and motivate those around you. I wouldn’t say we fall into the same category as a cult in this regard. 

They lock their doors. As stated above, our doors are open and we want you. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what walk of life, or what trials and tribulations you’ve been through. We want to help you create a better you. It all starts when you walk through the door; we left it open for you. 

They fear change and people or things different from themselves. Cults refuse to embrace change. We refuse to fall into that trap. We will change with the times. If our community grows and expresses an interest to have a running team in the early mornings we will provide that avenue for their fitness. If our community needs attention in the realm of fixing their nutrition, surely we are willing to have a group cooking experience on a Saturday afternoon. If an athlete has an emotional issue holding them back from their goals we will provide a shoulder to cry on. We do one thing and one thing well: CrossFit. But we will provide an undying, relentless effort to support and empower our community. 

They carefully recruit. Cults are actively recruiting followers to join their ranks. They are desperate for people to support their beliefs. This is a huge difference for us. “MY FITNESS IS NOT DEPENDENT ON YOU. I control what I am capable of.” It is undoubtedly more motivating, easier, and just plain ol’ more fun when more of us are working out together, but that is not the driving factor of what will make you more fit. YOU ARE. To this end we will not recruit and by avoiding that practice you will feel it in our mindset and daily goings-on of the gym. When you are here we want you here (we love you and want the best for you), but if you choose to be destructive or continuously produce excuses you will, completely of your own accord, cease to be apart of our community. In this respect we will not recruit, but you will envy what we have and die to become apart of it. It’s the best thing you’re not doing. 

Think about these things and then go find a group of like-minded people suitable for yourself. I guarantee if you choose a raw, genuine, honest box you will find the answers to all your questions and you’ll never look back. I don’t mind if you call us a cult. I do mind if you’re not honest with yourself about your goals (and not that bullshit you call your goals, I mean your real goals), if you don’t give something new an honest try, and if you’re not honest about your experience. It doesn’t take much to see what’s in someone’s heart. That person has to be willing to show you and you have to be willing to see it. 

Call us a cult, I don’t mind. But do yourself a favor and come meet the people at this “cult” with open doors, open arms, that won’t judge you, that won’t hide, that won’t recruit you, and will not fear those different from themselves, but embrace them. 

We’re waiting for you. 

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