CrossFit. Simplicity. Part 2 – Use your fitness

“Constantly varied . . . but always with a barbell . . . and a rower . . . and pull-ups.”

Part 1 of this idea ended with the verbiage above. I stand by what was said in my previous writing — “don’t sell shoes or shakes, teach yoga or boot camps; do one thing: CrossFit.” That jargon was geared toward the affiliate from a business perspective for the betterment of the community. Part 2 is for the athlete. 

The above quote describes the trap we fall into with this beautiful phenomenon we know as CrossFit. I say trap only because we get lost in the sexiness of the couplets and triplets of WODs like “Jackie”, “Fran”, and “Helen”. We become enthralled with the constantly varied part of the equation and think our workouts always need a barbell, rower, and a kettlebell. The most important piece of the three pillars CrossFit preaches is intensity

No one cares what you’re doing as long as the intensity is there. I hear professionals all the time when they travel for work and can’t find an affiliate close by whining, “How am I going to get a WOD in if I don’t have all this fancy equipment?” To which I say, “Fancy? Are you kidding me?! Whatever happened to constantly varied, functional movement, high intensity?” This is your perfect chance to map out a run and hit it as hard as you can. The response is usually, “But it’s gonna rain/snow (insert excuse here) while I’m there”. To which I say, “Perfect. You won’t find those conditions in a gym anywhere. Have a great time and let me know how your WOD/time goes.”

The point is the simple shit sucks; hard. Set a clock for ten minutes and do burpees until you can’t feel your legs, arms, or lungs, then do some more. Go on a long, hard run. Find a big log and lift it, carry it, flip it. I promise it will hurt like hell and you’ll be better for it. The sexy shit is easy to do because it keeps you engaged. Nobody likes the glaring repetitiveness of grinding the pavement in front of you while running a 10k, but that’s the challenge. Constantly varied. 

I only ask this. Leave your excuses at home, don’t forget about the real constantly varied, never be satisfied with the intensity, and use your fitness. You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of. 

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