“I’ve already had 30-60 min of influential education plus train and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. You’re not gonna catch me.”
— Cory Gregory

The first thing that hit me when I heard this in a podcast was just exactly how short I’m falling. Some would see this is as a bad thing, but I’m trying to be the open-minded type we know to be so beneficial. Rather than bog myself down in how little I’m doing day-to-day I’m trying to learn from this guy and understand where his head is at. If I can learn from this experience I’m all the better. 

So, follow me here. Gregory sets his alarm for around 4:00 am (earlier or later depending on where he’s training that morning) and has a full hour for himself while everyone else is still in deep slumber. He follows that up with thirty minutes to an hour (depending on how his day is set up) of reading when his mind is sharpest in post-workout state. We all know the fast track to education, especially self-educating, is reading. He has finished a fully productive training hour and had adequate mental stimulation by the time you’ve hit your first snooze button of the “early” morning. I’m sure he follows that up with a short clean-up to prep himself for the day which I’m also sure would go much faster and smoother for a male in this situation (apologies ladies). His day has “started” and he doesn’t have to think about when he’s going to fit a training hour in later or about falling short in terms of brief self-development. Meanwhile, you’re quite groggy. 

If you’re saying to yourself, “But, man, I have to hit snooze at least three times before I crawl out of bed.” That’s not a bad thing, but it all boils down to goals. In many, if not most, situations you just plain and simple cannot have your cake and eat it too. I like to take my time in the morning just as much as the next guy, but as they say, “the early bird gets the worm.” What are you willing to sacrifice to make yourself and the people around you better? That’s where our dedication, perseverance, and integrity come into play. 

Now for the real discussion. Execution. 

You don’t have to be up early to have the benefits that he does. Your timing will end up different, but waking up at 4:00 am is not the only way to get a solid workout and time for self-development in. Those can come later, as long as we change the other parts of our day a bit. You always hear about people going to their jobs, having an exhausting day, and just wanting to come home and sit on the couch. All of sudden the evening has come and gone and there goes another day with no exercise or sincere, voluntary brain activity. It’s up to you to sort out the details. 

Establish your goals. Make a plan. Develop a strategy for said plan. Execute. If you fail, dust yourself off and try again. 

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