Be Human

“It was like there was a whole other body inside my regular one, waking up. And [it] was angry and mean, not because I was bothering [it] but because it had taken me so long to remember [it] was there.”

I yanked the above quote from an article a friend posted and hope it does for you exactly what it did for me. You can read the article herebut the words above were exactly what fired me up. I think it’s things like this we need to be reminded of when we get discouraged, distracted, or complacent.

You have a dormant being inside of you that is just itching to break free of the prison you’ve built for it. Regardless of capability, there is something in you that wants to play. It is waiting to be recognized and granted permission to run, jump, swim, dive, fall, climb, throw, and lift which it damn sure seems like we were meant to do, but have found ways to make obsolete. Wether that be in light of machines, processes, or other clever modern advancement we’ve found ways to make life less risky, difficult, fun, and maybe even dangerous in a tempting way. 

The above clip is from Mission Impossible II. I remember when I was a kid watching this for the first time and thought it was the absolute most badass thing you could ever imagine someone doing. Obviously there are some seriously advanced effects at play here, but people actually do crazy shit like this. If you doubt it I guarantee there’s someone in the world that would laugh in your face and make it their life’s mission to prove you wrong. Humans just work that way. 

Which leads me back to the initial quote. The girl who wrote the short piece I took said quote from seemed like your average person. She is what we call normal, but decided to take a risk. She discovered this thing called CrossFit and ended up in an interesting love/hate relationship. Take the word CrossFit out of it and call it what it is: humans being humans. What a shitty reality to come to that we just don’t do these things anymore. Take a risk, be a human, and move. 

I’m gonna go try to lift something heavy now. 

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