What are you missing out on?

What if your hobbies changed completely based on what you were capable of?

Certain people in the world love being outdoors, climbing things, fishing, hiking, kayaking, i.e. being physical. There are also people who hate being outside, who can’t stand the idea of physical exertion for fun, and generally look for less invasive hobbies. There’s a rush that comes with physical risk. It just so happens that rush will not be experienced if you physically cannot accomplish the activity. 

I have a theory that everyone would love those physically demanding experiences no matter what personality type they claim. I think it all comes down to raw ability. If hiking for the sake of witnessing stunning views required physical prowess, which it usually does, that activity would lend itself only to those willing to do the hiking. And the payoff for those interested and willing is great. Breathtaking views were one of His many gifts to us. They exist in the world and sometimes we have to climb a mountain to get there. 

Now take the person that can’t walk up a couple flights of stairs due to a knee problem, a heart condition, or any ailment that limits their body’s ability. I believe that person would love the view from atop a mountain, but they can’t get there. Instead that individual has taken up the hobby of reading. They have a large collection of books and find fulfillment in their contents. This is not right/wrong good/bad. It is simply a case of someone possibly missing out on a great deal of their happiness and physical experience all in result of their lack of physicality. 

Truly examine what your interests are. Experiment with what you’re capable of. It may lead to a new world of adventure. 

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