Worth the Risk

There’s quite the debate going on right now in our world of health and fitness regarding licensure. We won’t talk about that here, but the bit that got me thinking was a blurb from “the russells” who “defend the [CrossFit] brand from junk science, yellow journalism, and invincible ignorance”. If you’re unfamiliar with them I’ll leave it to you to research a bit. You can read further nonetheless. 

Fitness centers worldwide seem to encounter our fair share of people that don’t quite grasp the value of what’s available in terms of facilities, their staff, and their programs. They struggle to cope when a dollar sign is put on fitness because they haven’t cared about it from the start. It’s just this thing that people sort of do. I dug this from one of the Russells articles: “Surely the certain, overwhelming costs of a sedentary lifestyle outweigh the limited risks of fitness training.” 

Think to yourself for a moment and categorize pros and cons for not taking part in some level of fitness training. The list is surely long on both sides. Dedicating your efforts to a program will reap the rewards of accomplishing something you couldn’t do prior, having a more sound mind/body relationship, having greater ability to live in the physical way we were meant to, and of course the oh-so-coveted just plain ol’ looking good naked. Missing out on the available training opportunities, though, can give you more free time (when you’re not obsessed with training), commit more to your family, have a more streamlined schedule with less to distract from professional life, possibly eliminate the chance of injury, and overall just taking one hobby off the list to focus on other things. Each have their cons as well. Basically reverse the above. 

The point remains; our choice is not always clear. At times in our lives we want nothing more than to be with the family absent of all distraction. Other times the office is #1 and no amount of negotiating will get you time in the gym. 

If you’re someone who has a hard time justifying the cost, both time and money, of committing to a gym/program take a moment and get down to brass tacks with yourself. Personally the “overwhelming costs of a sedentary lifestyle outweigh the limited risks of fitness training” hands down. I want to be able to play with my grandkids when I’m old, enjoy active vacations with the family, and walk with strong legs til the day I croak. That outweighs damn near any amount of soreness, discomfort, and time consumption I can think of at the moment. 

If you’re battling some sort of cost/risk/reward relationship, don’t miss out on something for reasons you haven’t thought of yet. Open your mind and give something a chance. It could be the best thing you almost never did. 

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