Why will you compete in The Open?

As the much anticipated CrossFit Open draws near this Thursday evening, competitive exercisers everywhere find themselves asking why they should participate in 2015. The question is a short one, but the answer isn’t always as simple. Maybe it should be.As a community we’ve always shown phenomenal dedication to our friends, community, coaches, athletes, and selves to make it through a tough five weeks and stand tall to find out how we stacked up against the rest of the world. I can understand the changes HQ has decided to implement this year may seem like a bummer to many, but step back and be objective.

Many athletes are disappointed at the shrunken regional organization and the even fewer spots available to make an appearance at their regional competition. Yes, I understand the frustration of the even more limited chance of getting to experience a regional competition, but if we’re being honest it’s only a smaller opportunity for a few hundred athletes. 

Speaking for the South Central region last year, there were a couple hundred names in the hat with a reasonable shot and over 5,000 men alone (not counting the extra 3,000 that fell off or missed score submissions). If you’re not in the top 5%, and that’s being generous, the idea of being a regional hopeful is a bit off-base. 

I am not trying to destroy anyone’s dreams. Remind yourself of why you stick with the CrossFit program and why you started participating in The Open to begin with. It most likely had something to do with hitting WODs with your friends, supporting the community at your home affiliate, and seeing your name on the leaderboard stacked up against the world. 

Give some honest thought to the tradition and what it means to sign up. It has nothing to do with flashy, large crowd competitions and fame and everything to do with community and changing lives. $20 is chump change to the average crossfitter and you’re most likely going to complete the workouts anyway. Don’t make excuses. Don’t lose sight of why you started this whole thing. It’s bigger than you and always will be. 

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