Mindset is Everything.

Think about these next words for two minutes before reading on. “Your mindset is all you have.” 

One has very little control over the external goings on of the world. I’ll remind you, again, of some choice words Scott has given me, “Don’t concern yourself with the good opinions of others”. Your mindset has zero dependency on someone else’s. Your mind is your own and, provided will power and fortitude, no one can break you. That comes with huge responsibility and demands of not being taken lightly. 

Your mind can control your output, i.e. your mouth. You have the power to let certain things leave your lips and choose more wisely in situations where you may be less fortunate. Being no easy task we should have that much more resiliency in our pursuit. 

Dumb luck brought me across these words. “Never speak ill of another no matter how weak you know they are or how poor they appear. If you speak highly of others, despite your beliefs, you’ll be perceived as confident enough to follow.

So valuable. Who are you? How resilient are you? How does one come about wisdom, strong will power, and a sound mind? Reach to a new level of consciousness and find out for yourself. 

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