Stay the Course

In our day of instant gratification, the notions of hard work, consistency, and resiliency seem to get snubbed just a bit (possibly a crude generalization, but it’s there). It really is too bad because most things in life that are worth a damn cost something. More than likely the cost is time and effort. If we can wrap our heads around a paradigm shift some of our goals may become more apparent or even change completely. 

The shift? Stay the Course. What if somebody told you the only way to accomplish something was to soak time into it and that the amount of time was unknown? You’d most likely be frustrated, maybe resentful, or a bit offended (i.e. “I’m better than that, I don’t need to put time into things, I’m naturally suited to achieve it instantly, etc.”)  You can decide your reaction to that on your own, but you first have to accept the idea and put it to use. You have to experience frustration and struggle with the commitment. When you find value in your purpose is when you can fully accept the paradigm and literally “stay the course”. Until then the constant need for instant gratification will be your downfall and ultimate defeat. 

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing” has never been so simple. If you value something and find purpose in it, regardless of your intentions, chances are it will be an uphill battle. There’s nothing wrong with that. An uphill battle makes for a better story anyway, right?

Next time you hit a bump in the road and want to back out and throw in the towel just remember — nothing worth doing ever came easy. It’ll all work out the way it was meant to. Stay the course. 

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