In what universe is it fair to necessitate watching words leave the mouth. As long as I’m not hurtful, stand politically correct, and have generally clear, positive intentions I should be able to fly by the seat of my pants, right? Who is anyone to tell me I’m rude, thoughtless, arrogant, or insensitive?

I suppose that’s the meat of it though. As much as perception fails to reflect reality (thoughts coming soon on that), what else is there aside from our friends and foes’ perception of us and our surroundings. Do I really want to be perceived as a rude, thoughtless, arrogant, or insensitive individual?

Rob Lowe put it well in his character as a U.S. Senator in the show Brothers and Sisters when he outbursts at a Walker dinner, “Semantics, you’re an adult – have self control, get a filter. Semantics are all we have as humans.”

Yes, information should be relayed efficiently and effectively, but relationships matter too. Do we really want to throw those away in light of being lazy. Be yourself. Be authentic. Be genuine. He was right: semantics are all we have as humans.

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