Xmas Body-weight WOD Challenge


Due to Bovine being closed for the entire week of Christmas, a challenge is being extended. IMPORTANT – this is not exclusive to Bovine members! Anyone and everyone has a chance to win the reward for full participation. Even if you’re remote you have the opportunity to accept the challenge. Here’s the specs.

As if it were any normal week, a WOD will post each day (10 pm the previous night for those antsy folk tryin’ to get a jump on it). No equipment will be necessary and anyone is welcome to follow the instructions and post a score. EVEN NEW ATHLETES THAT HAVE NOT TRIED CROSSFIT BEFORE. The hype is all about trying to stay consistent and convince yourself that the holidays are just as good a time as any to get a workout in. If, and only if, an athlete completes 5 of the available 6 WODs during the week AND posts their scores each day in video format (must be the day completed) to the Facebook post “comments” they can stop by the gym at their earliest convenience and pick out a FREE BOVINE T-SHIRT! Important to note that Coach will be out of town until the 28th when we resume normal schedule.

*There is only a reward for those who video their WODs and post footage to “comments”.

The challenge is simple. Complete the following steps at least 5 days the week of Christmas.
Step 1: Find the WOD at crossfitbovine.com and read the instructions for Facebook participation.
Step 2: Go to Facebook, like the WOD post, and share it.
Step 3: Complete WOD with video.
Step 4: Come pick out a FREE BOVINE T-SHIRT!

Rule #76 – No excuses, play like a champion!

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