That dark place

“Everyone likes the fancy stuff . . . its cool to see people lift heavy but trust me nothing will crush you more than running and doing the ugly stuff.” – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Don’t miss a piece. Your fitness is an all-encompassing puzzle whether we’d like to admit it or not. You don’t have to value every piece, unless you’re in a realm (competing or not) like we are. If you’re a specialist or have chosen your sport then you should probably be catering a little bit wiser to yourself, not to say that achieving a higher level of overall fitness would harm you. 

If you value your entire puzzle and want as few holes as possible in your fitness then we need to take a step back and reorient how we operate. Everyone thinks their weakness is strength, the olympic lifts, or the sexy complicated gymnastics. Don’t get me wrong, THEY ARE for sure. But, that is not currently the limiting factor for most. The bottleneck is our willingness to hurt and do things we haven’t accepted as difficult that we already suck at AND find sexy. Running is not sexy. Neither are burpees, swimming, having a very efficient squat position, perfecting the way your shoulders and midline operate, committing to making that lacrosse ball your new best friend, etc. It’s when the really ugly, unsexy workouts show up that people refuse to go to a dark place. 

We need to reprioritze what’s happening when we see these components come together. By all means get more proficient at the complicated, finese-demanding factors, but DO NOT miss out on the simple, ugly stuff. Next time something unsexy shows up on the whiteboard and you know it’s going to crush you physically and mentally . . . crush it instead. 

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