Don’t miss out

Do you have goals? No, I mean real goals. The ones you’re afraid to tell people about. You don’t have to say yes or no, I already know the answer. I understand. 

Write down everything you want different in your life. No one will ever see it so don’t worry about someone finding out or being embarrassed. No big deal. Write down everything you’re disappointed with, unhappy about, worried about, physical appearance, relationships, anything you have some level of control over that you would like different in some way. All the changes you want. Write it down. Now fold it up, tuck it away, put it someplace you’ll value it and remember where it is. 

Don’t look at it for at least a couple months. On an “anniversary” (no time specification, just a time frame that you think allows for change . . . maybe 6 months?) of starting this thing CONSISTENTLY, when you’ve forgotten half your goals and most of them probably changed anyways, take it out and give yourself, the program, the community, friends and family, work etc. a score on whatever scale you create (no boundaries, just a comparison). I guarantee you’re “batting 1000”.

Everything in your life will be positively impacted if you simply put trust in this and give it honest effort. You’ll get out of it what you put in, I can also guarantee that. If you’re honest with yourself, willing to listen and learn, and give as close to 100% effort as you can when it counts (believe me – it always counts), I give you my word – EVERYTHING in your life will be better. 

This is the best thing you’re not doing yet. Don’t miss out.

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