Be a little Reckless

No one got anywhere playin’ it by the book. Ok, that’s not true, but you get the sentiment. In my short time the risks have seemed quite worth the reward. Obviously that could go south, but I don’t look at it as good/bad, north/south . . . it just goes. More Happiness Guru there for ya — Scott Pagliaccio everyone.

Take this as gospel:
“ . . . a rhinestone suit and a cowboy hat outta do the trick
I told him I had something he could stick, way on up his ass”
— Kip Moore Reckless (Still Growin’ Up)

I’ve been a fan of his for a few years (love his sound and personality in his writing and he’s seems down-to-earth enough when you meet him) and some of his not so new stuff still hits me in a new spot. Not til one of the last versus does he throw those lines out, but it sinks deep. Someone else’s “good opinions” are meant to steer him in a direction that is “better” and he calls bullshit. That road ain’t for him and you have to respect that. It takes balls to stand tall when the chances comes along and it’s no different in the obvious and not so obvious situations. Respect.

Looking back on my little life so far it seems fair to account that most of the more reckless acts, decisions, chances I’ve taken are the ones that have defined who I am or brought the most fruit into my life. The conservative approach was never nearly as fun. And actually, now that I think about it, that was in this last Sunday’s scripture. Talents were given to three men, one the most, a second was given a little less, and a third was given the least. The first two went out, used their talents, and multiplied them while the third buried them in the ground and returned simply giving them back. No reward was given to the individual who took no risk while the first two reaped great reward.

Excuse me, and apologies in advance, for some of the language you’ll continue to read in following these excerpts while mentioning scripture in this one specifically and possibly more to come. It may seem a bit off-base, but hey . . . I’m a little reckless.

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