The Road: Part 2

Lennon and McCartney said it perfectly in With a Little Help from My Friends and, who knows what the underlying meaning was, this Road we speak of only makes it more obvious. Try pounding the pavement of that road alone and see where it gets you. Some will get farther than others, but my guess is you’ll get a flat tire when it’s most inconvenient and that sonofabitch spare would be a hell of a lot easier to manage with a second pair of hands, figuratively of course.

So how exactly do we travel the road, live life, pursue our dreams, take care of those we love, and do so pleasantly all at the same time. Something tells me if I had the answer to that we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The most obvious piece seems to be that it all exists. Asinine, I know. If all these things are meant to be done, in one way or another, together or independent of each other, than they’re all meant to be done. It’s our job to find the way that works for us. That may involve some self sacrifice and physical, emotional, or mental cost. I’m a believer in “taking care of your own shit”, though my wife may argue otherwise. If we remain open-minded, stead-fast, honest, and genuine, it seems that the things that are meant and able to occur will work themselves out. Now, that does not imply sitting around twiddling your thumbs will get you anywhere, but there is certain truth that, for all my barbell enthusiasts out there, “the bar ain’t gonna lift itself”. Honest, hard-nosed dedication will bare fruit when, where, and in whatever shape it is meant to.

I found this on a popular men’s blog that always provides interesting reads “The key to balancing time and functionality lies with the actions you take and the focus of your life being driven by your habits, rather than by the results.”

By all means let us be a results driven society. Such has proven to be a solid mold for continuing success and forward progress in many fields. But similar to commitment and excellence driving a product or service, actions and habits will drive results. If we subscribe that there must be a beginning, our actions and habits are no better a starting point to get us results. No more than I can wish myself to have the Hulk-like strength I’d like can I wish results to drive results (which came first, the chicken or the egg).

Cutting this short due to a bunch of riddles being thrown together in organized chaos I’ll leave you with a common idiom: patience is a virtue.

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