Can you imagine being strong? I don’t mean just physically. Yes, we all that train regularly can imagine and probably already have seen a physical difference. I’m talking about something completely different. Imagine being a stronger person. Not only can your physical strength change ten fold, but you can be tougher, more strong-willed, emotionally stable, and spiritually aware. There is no limit. Every sect of your life can be stronger. 

Given two words: weak or strong. Which one would you pick? Not a single person on the planet would choose weak. How do we get there?

It doesn’t matter where or how you train your mind, body, and spirit. It only matters that you win the battle of “sitting at home eating ding dongs watching tv day after day” (that can happen in a mental and spiritual sense as well) OR “getting the fuck after it”. Excuse my french. I love watching football all day Sunday just as much as the next guy, but why sit on the couch and watch somebody else attack and achieve their dreams, goals and ambitions when you could get after it. Again, that applies to more than training. It’s being aware, vocal, active mentally, developing your mind, all of it. Whatever you do, DO NOT lose that battle. Don’t be a loser. 

People lose that battle every day and don’t think twice, but they also regret it every day. 

In the words of a favorite tv character, Ole’ Tim Riggins, “No regrets.” Change your life.

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