Go Within or Go Without

The all-knowing and powerful . . . Webster’s dictionary defines perpetuate as to make perpetual or cause to last indefinitely. 

Thanks, Webster, for that first stroke of genius but let’s dig at the second piece. The biggest word I see is “cause”. We can use the verb perpetuate in a thousand sentences but it seems to come back to “to perpetuate” something. A couple friends and myself have some projects in the works and one of the guys is a very open-minded individual with some good wisdom to spread, and I think we should all listen.

One of his little nuggets is this “go within or go without” bit and that comes full circle to the idea of perpetuation. We have the power to create not just physical things with our hands and ideas, but thoughts that materialize and ideas that multiply. Seems to be a cool phenomenon to literally think something into existence. No, I’m not talking about thinking “I’ll build a house” followed by the labor action of building a house. I’m talking about thinking to yourself today will be a good day, because He made everything good. Scott just spoke on thinking within about happiness, to be happy, and have happiness. Far to often we rely on the exterior things of the world to bring us happiness. For instance: someone has to give me the right-of-way on the road, or has to gift me something, or I have to find $5 dollars in the gas station parking lot for me to have happiness.

I’m talking about when it’s raining, you stub your toe, your boss reams you out, your wife is mad about kids and dishes, etc. But, you are able to stand above it all and realize happiness. The weather isn’t happy or unhappy, it just is. My toe will heal, it just hurts a bit. My boss may have just gotten some less than fortunate news or maybe his boss just reamed him out, or maybe he’s having all these same problems so he’s unhappy towards me and hasn’t realized happiness yet. My wife had a bad day at work and our kids are fun and crazy, she’s not an unhappy person. All of of these things and people are going without. They are perpetuating something other than good things to come to themselves.

We can be different, but we have to cause it. And holy smokes, we can make it last . . . indefinitely. Pretty cool huh?

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