CrossFit. Simplicity.

“We don’t sell shoes or shakes, teach yoga or boot camps; we do one thing: CrossFit training.”
— CrossFit NYC

I try to keep up with everything CrossFit, as I’m sure we all do, and came across CrossFit NYC again. If you haven’t heard of them look em’ up. They’re as OG as it gets and have grown as their market allowed them to 2000 members in ten years.

The above quote is from their site and it meshes well with what I believe in. Not that using some of those tools (yoga, fast-paced setting boot camp classes, extra retail for additional revenue streams, etc.) as they’re meant to be used and giving your community what it wants/needs is a bad thing, but I think we lose sight of the elephant in the room sometimes. How did we get to where we are? What do we need? What’s important? What’s at the core of the program? What is the overarching theme? Hit it hard, all the time, don’t waste your time with nonsensical movement, and never repeat the same thing. Simple.

While all these different add-ons are good for recovery, safety, technique work, getting friends involved, business success, etc. we forget all too often. Get under the bar and lift!

The aforementioned “bar” is figurative. Just another favorite Bovine mantra; though we did not originate it so. I know we all have our thoughts and opinions about “constantly varied . . . but always with a barbell . . . and a rower . . . and pull-ups”, but that’s a blog for another day.

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