Somethin’ to believe in. Diggin’ deep from the start.

I’m gonna do a risky thing by saying two things in the same sentence: Poison and God.

I don’t think Bret Michaels and the crew meant to strike this discussion, but it happened. I spoke with a friend earlier who’s having some trouble with family and religious relationships. She’s at a crossroads of life with friends, hobbies, beliefs, family, and religion all intertwined. Leaning every which way has strewn her mind and she knows not where to turn. I told her I was definitely not the person to talk to, but I “know a guy”. She might not believe in Him right now, but I tried to explain how to look past that. We tried to envision what happened before there was Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, Christianity, and the like. I told her these communities have a Buddhist God, an Islamic God, a Catholic God, a Christian God. What do they all have in common . . . God!

I tried to offer her an idea: stop assigning roles and titles. Think about what you believe in as a human and a spirit and try to accept that for the truth that it is.

Poison did a lot of things in their day and less than a few of them were commendable. They did one thing right – wrote truth. I understand that’s an incomplete and vague idea, but shit (excuse my french) did they do some things right!

Namely, of course the right track hit me, this piece brings home a vision before even hitting “play”. You have a reason for everything. Every emotion, action, reaction, etc. has a reason. Somethin’ you believe in. It’s a home base for everything and sources a rationale for everything.

Do yourself the justice of picking apart the things you believe in and building the foundation of education you deserve. I know I’m behind the curve, but “we all got our problems”. Take steps every day. Some are huge and others are invisible.

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