Teams of 2
On the following timed schedule:
0:00-5:00 400m run buy-in then AMRAP
4 Burpees over Bar (each)
4 DL @ 225/155 (each)
5:00-7:00 Rest 2 min
7:00-15:00 AMRAP8 (1W1R)
40 DB Goblet Squats
30 DB Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups
*40/30/20/10 each
15:00-17:00 Rest 2 min
15-18 AMRAP3
Bar-facing Burpees
1W 1 hangs from bar
*reps don’t count unless partner is hanging


A) Deficit Deadlift 5×3
*Add 5# to each set from two weeks ago.
*Shouldn’t have been a 3RM at the end so focus on loading the hips like we practiced and driving through the floor with speed!
3 Deadlift
3 Hang Power Clean
3 Back Squat
3 Shoulder-to-Overhead
300m Row
*Bar weight is as heavy as you can reasonably go without having to set the bar down each round.
*Rest 1 min after each round


Heads up for Spartan Race Sprint this Saturday at AT&T Stadium! Not too late to sign up. If you’re down, use the team name “Bovine” and sign up for the earliest heat available (2:45), but we’re actually starting as a team at 1:15. IT’S NOT TOO LATE!
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Odds 3 Hang Power Snatches
Evens :45 Plank
*You choose the weight on the odd minutes. Either start light and work up to a max load OR attempt to maintain a slightly less heavy load for all 8 sets.